Yogi Adityanath has shown seriousness about Ayodhya for the last three years and has raised his image as the face of Hindutva.

It is clear from this that the BJP will try to fully exploit the atmosphere of Ram temple construction.

It also seems that the issue of Ram temple will prove to be a trump card in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh 2022 assembly and 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The Ram temple issue is no longer of political importance

From 6 December 1992 onwards, the issue of Ram temple became an issue of gathering votes in elections.

The BJP government of UP, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh was dismis after the Babri demolition. About 6 months after the demolition, when elections were hold in these states, the people there voted against the BJP. Had the effect of the Ram Temple issue been so, the BJP would have returned to power in these states, but this could not happen. After the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of the temple, BJP campaigned it fiercely in Jharkhand and Delhi elections, but the results were against them.

Hindutva has increased in the last 6 years in the country

This cannot be denied, but in the current era elections cannot be won only with the help of Hindutva. Ram temple is definitely an emotional issue for the people, but it is not necessary for people to vote in the name of the temple.

In UP assembly elections, people will vote after seeing the performance of Yogi government instead of temple. One can understand the assessment of Hindutva in such a way that even after every possible effort of BJP and RSS, they have got 39 percent votes in the country in 2019 whereas 61 percent people are still against them.

Social and Political challenge has arisen in front of people in the Korana era

In such a situation, the card of Hindutva is not going to run very much, because people thinking about religion has changed. For the people in the coming elections, the issue of the nation’s economy and people employment will be much more than the Ram temple. What the government does in this direction will have a greater electoral effect.

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