Worry: Now the Corona is less, the fear of Dengue is more persistent

Barnala (Frankly News). Corona patients have reduced significantly for one week, but now people are starting to fear dengue stings. A dengue ward has been establishing in the civil hospital to deal with dengue cases and to recruit patients, but the possibility of an outbreak of dengue expect due to the weak fagging facility across the city. Along with this, cases of typhoid have also started coming. People are more upset due to similar symptoms of all these diseases.

Typhoid cases started Increasing, people are very upset

Newly appointed Civil Surgeon Dr. Sukhjivan Kakkar said that he held a meeting with the employees of the Health Department only after taking office and instructed the employees to provide good health facilities to the people. He said that a dengue ward has been established in Civil Hospital Barnala, where there is a complete arrangement to keep patients. Mosquito nets have installed on every bed to protect against mosquitoes and all arrangements have made to handle the patient. Doctors and other staff deployed so that any serious patient can be handled on the spot. The civil hospital has a free facility for the screening of dengue. Instead of having an outside examination done, people shall get a civil hospital checked so that dengue can be confirmed correctly.

He appealed to the people to extend their full cooperation in the prevention of dengue-malaria mosquito along with the dry-day fry-day campaign. Dr. Jyoti Kaushal, SMO of Civil Hospital Barnala said that any person, who has fever, cough, weakness, or other symptoms, should contact the government hospital immediately. These can be symptoms of dengue, typhoid, or corona, which can prevent from increasing the disease by having a timely test. The civil hospital has the facility of investigation. No person should try to hide his illness at home by taking medicine of his own free will.

DC gave Orders to the municipal corporation for fogging

Abohar (Frankly / Sudhir Arora). In view of the changing weather, there is an increase in dengue patients in the area. The team of the Department of Health’s Epidemic Control Center (NVBDCP) is gearing up for this. By defeating Corona, in-charge of this center, Tahal Singh and Bharat Sethi have taken charge of Abohar Government Hospital on Saturday. They were home quarantines for the last two weeks. Tahal Singh and Bharat Sethi say that though the government records that there are fewer dengue patients, the reports find in private labs are increasing the prevalence of dengue. To control this, spray and fogging has been started by his team in the affected areas from today.

In this regard, DC has also instructed the corporation officials to get fogging in the affected areas. He appeals to the people to get a dengue test done at the government hospital to find at Laxan so that treatment can done in time. Tahal Singh and Bharat Sethi say that people are being made aware of dengue by going from house to house and through camps by the Health Department team. He said that the dengue mosquito bites only in the morning and evening. The test does free of cost in a government hospital, while in private laboratory its fees range from Rs 600 to Rs 800.

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