Water Saving Techniques

World Water Day

World Water Day is an annual UN observance day that shows the importance of water. This is world day to remember about importance of water for living things. It’s celebrated around the world with various type of events (educational, musical, seminars, rallies etc. )

The day is used to advocate for the feasible management of water resources.
More wastage of water leads to a dangerous situation. Misuse of water is vent a deadly water crisis. Everyone must attempt and reform own self to overcome this menace.

Tips for water saving that may help for feasible management of water resources.

Saint dr. gurmeet ram Rahim Singh ji insan gives various tips to conserve water in homes as well as in farming. Following guru ji‘s tips million Dera followers have been doing their bit to save water.

1. Store Rain Water:-


Rain water harvesting and gives techniques to build ponds in farmlands for storing rain water

2. Use cups/containers to brush teeth:-


Urges to use cups/containers to brush teeth/shave, instead of using running tap water

3. Bathing water reusing Techinque:-

bathroom water saving

The water used for bathing can be used for plants after slightly filtering it through concrete bed.
(Simple way to conserve water. Make a pit near your bathroom and put some concrete and then gravel and then send over it. This way you can filter the water used for bathing and can reuse it for growing vegetables.)

4. Planting Tree to save Ground water


Trees and natural vegetation are important element in maintaining ground water levels through percolation. Dera sacha sauda plants millions of trees & this was helped improve the ground water levels.

Saint Dr MSG and Honeypreet Insan had invited on World Toilet Day by @UN because of these great steps toward natural resources.



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