World Environment Day

World Environment Day, Saving our home, Only One Earth

The shiny blue planet, our home, our Earth supports millions of species of plant and animal life. We humans are a part of the delicate ecosystem woven so carefully by the nature. For ages humans have co-existed in harmony with nature, living with plants and animals and using Earth’s resources as per their needs.

But this changes drastically over the last few decades

Increased CO2 levels, increased water and air pollution, changed climatic cycles and rampant cutting of forests has led to extinction of many flora and fauna species.

5th June, the World Environment Day aims to spread awareness and calls for action from all the individuals globally, to protect and restore the environment so that our planet Earth thrives and so does every life form that exists on it.

Time to Act responsibly, Time to restore environment

It has been analysed that by making due policy changes and making sure to get them implemented can reverse some damage.

Initiatives to innovate and use clean and green solutions, keeping systems in place to check the GreenHouse Gas emissions, controlling the deforestation, all these need to be in place in order to control and reverse the greenhouse effect.

In the past few years, many hectares of loans has been reforested by planting trees, by governments and organisations. In India, Dera Sacha Sauda is a prominent name that has planted millions of trees and changed the landscapes.

Tree plantation needs to be continued to create and maintain ecological balance.

Non-vegetarian food emits methane and CO2. The United Nation therefore recommends switching to plant based diet.

To sum it up:

At individual levels, we all can save water by using it judiciously and going for water recycling and reuse.

Individuals and corporations must opt for solar power, wherever possible. Saving electricity and creating electricity from renewable sources would help drastically as well.

Avoiding soil, water and air pollution can be done by each individual.
Maximizing tree plantation would be being drastic changes

At Dera Sacha Sauda, multiple initiatives have been launched and have been making drastic improvements since last 2 decades.

✔️More than 43 million trees planted and every year lakhs of new yes are planted. This has led to improved biodiversity and ecosystem’s balance.
✔️33 Mega cities have been cleaned under cleanliness campain. This has drastically reduced soil, air and water pollution and reduced diseases.
✔️Millions of clay pots have been placed to provide water & feed to birds, all across the world. This has saved the lives of millions of birds.
✔️Hundreds of injured animals saved and treated.
✔️Water saving initiatives like rain water harvesting, water recycling and reuse, drio system irrigation etc have been used and taught, leading to judicious use of water.
✔️Biogas plant has been set up and many villages have been helped in setting up the same.
✔️ More than 60 millions people pledged and adopted vegetarianism.
✔️ Millions pledged to never waste water and electricity
✔️ Many farmers have been educated and taught organic farming and hi-tech ways of getting the most yield out of less water

All thanks to Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, many areas have become flourishing green lands, people have become more aware and many birds and animals species have flourished.

We too can learn from them and join hands with them for saving our Earth, protecting our environment and saving mankind.

On this World Environment Day, let’s pledge that we will do our best to protect our home, our only one Earth with all the above methods.

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