Working from Home: Tips for Productivity, Mental Health and Staying Healthy

Jaipur: Coronavirus has seen a new culture of Work from Home amidst the global epidemic. Now workers working in big multinational company are doing work from home, but during this work from home, some physical and mental health related issues have also been seen. Doctors in Jaipur say that due to work from home culture, a person gets imprisoned in a way. If physical work suddenly stops, then there are some physical problems related to obesity, diabetes etc.

Some physical problems are being seen in people due to work from home. Earlier, when people used to go to work, some physical work was also done, but now people are imprisoned at home and people who are doing work from home. Diabetes, obesity and eating habits of people have also changed in them. Apart from this, the gym and other gymnasiums have been closed for a long time, so the health of people has been affected.

Take These precautions in Work From Home

Regarding work from home, senior psychiatrist Dr. Akhilesh Jain also says that when a person is stressed, he starts eating in excessive amounts. In such a situation, apart from stress, he himself becomes obese and other diseases surround him due to obesity. Apart from this, when a person does work from home, then he cannot get a working environment in the house to work. In such cases, irritability is also seen in some cases in a person working from home.

Doctors say that the person doing work from home needs to take special precautions. Whenever you work continuously for two hours, then give a break of 10 to 15 minutes in between and in addition to this, start doing light exercises when you get time. This gives a great amount of rest physically and mentally. At the same time, doctors also say that only healthy diet should be followed during this period.


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