Will Carnivores stop World Wide due to Epidemic fears? Demand for Vegetarianism increased in America-Europe

SARS in 2002, swine flu in 2009, Ebola in 2013 and now Corona. One thing common in these epidemics that has spread less than two decades is that they have come from animals to humans. This is the reason, these days there has been a fierce debate around the world on meat consumption. The spread of corona from slaughterhouses, especially in the US and some countries of Europe, has made Western society think on meat consumption. After seeing the terrible consequences of corona in these countries, dieticians have advised to take the path of vegetarianism in time.

He says, in the future, the path of rescue from epidemics like Corona will come out by creating a natural balance. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), three out of every four pandemics have come from animals to humans. It is considered to be the result of a mutual breakdown.

Taste is not precious due to the lives of poor laborers

When President Donald Trump ordered the opening of the abattoir, when Americans saw a shortage of meat, Americans who were fond of meat asked themselves, Is their taste more valuable than the lives of poor laborers who prepare meat? Of the 10 counties that are considered hotspots, six counties are large abattoirs.

Sioux Falls, which produces five percent of Corona-America pork spread across pork plants, is the country’s largest hotspot. At Iowa’s Tyson plant, 60 percent of the workers, 730 coronas, were found infected. The infection spread to 1,031 employees out of 2,800 at Tyson’s second plant in Iowa itself.

Extent of animal cruelty

Not many animals were harvested due to the closure of the meat plant. Seeing their increasing number, many were injected with abortion, many were killed. Things became so bad that many pigeons in Iowa had to provide mental health services.

A quarter of Americans aged 25–34 became vegetarian

Animal killing has been considered as the major cause of increasing global warming. According to the magazine The Economist, a quarter of Americans aged 25–34 believe they have become vegetarian. The demand for vegetarian food is rapidly skyrocketing. Today, at least people are under pressure to think about meat.

Global warming can be reversed by vegetarianism

Project Drawdown says that every person can reverse global warming through vegetarianism. Both the American Republicans and Democrats themselves had advocated for the US to continue in the Paris Climate Treaty.

Need safe and balanced catering

According to a 2015 study, a person spends about 60 thousand rupees on a vegetarian diet, which is much less than a non-vegetarian diet. This will not put the lives of poor workers at stake like slaughterhouses. But, can we remove meat from our food plates? The answer will be found in our need and the need of the hour is better, safe and balanced food.

Learn the answers to two important questions on meat consumption

The first question, do we need to eat animals for protein, so the answer is no. You can get a healthy body and longevity even without it. Most Americans consume up to 70 percent more protein than the amount prescribed for the body. However, eating more protein-rich meat is more likely to cause heart disease, diabetes and kidney failure.

The second question is, will vegetarianism take away the jobs of farmers by demolishing the factory farming system. The answer is also – no. In fact, such farmer organizations use them more. The number of farmers in America is very less, while the population of the country has increased nearly 11 times. Experts say that more jobs will be available to farmers than the number of jobs that will end with more people becoming vegetarian.

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