Why Sundar Pichai is sending Billions of Dollars?

The real story of Google’s love with India, why Sundar Pichai is sending billions of dollars

The world-renowned tech company Google has created a special fund for India – Google for India Digitization Fund. In the next five to seven years, it will invest a huge investment of $ 10 billion i.e. about 750 billion rupees in India.

So, what will Google do? Will you invest in another company, or partner with another company? Like Facebook did with Reliance Jio?
When asked by the newspaper Economic Times about the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai, he said – “We will definitely look at both possibilities. We will invest money in other companies, which we already do through our unit Google Ventures But certainly, as big as this fund is, there is also a possibility that we will invest in other big companies as well. “

So, Sundar Pichai has not opened the entire leaf yet, what will he do.
In such a situation, these are some basic questions that are floating –

Where is Google going to invest money?

If there is investment, then its returns will also come.

  • Google’s vault will be thick from whose pocket?
  • And what will the pocket lighters get in return?
  • Will it have any effect on the common people, or is it just news of the work of tech companies?
  • Is there anything that people should be cautious about?

These are some important questions that need to be understood before understanding that in recent times, Google is not the only giant to announce money in India.
Earlier this year, Amazon announced a billion dollar investment in India. He had earlier announced an investment of five billion dollars.

After this, Facebook announced to invest $ 5.7 billion in Reliance Jio.
And last month Microsoft’s investment arm MvanTo said it would open an office in India for investment prospects, focusing primarily on business-to-business software startup companies.

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Why india
The simple answer is – market. But India was also there before the market, then suddenly at this time why are these big companies putting money here?

Experts tell that this market in India is changing now. Especially after the digital revolution and the smart phone revolution.
Rishi Raj, executive editor and technical affairs expert of the newspaper Financial Express, says that in recent times it has started to appear that a convergence situation is coming in the work of these companies.

Sage Raj says, “Now the same company provides telecom service, it also provides entertainment, e-commerce also, it is the means of e-payment, it also acts as search engine, also navigation work. Earlier, there was talk of convergence, but earlier it was very broadly, that TV-mobile would be a convergence, now its scope has increased. “
Senior journalist Madhavan Narayan, who is familiar with technology and business related matters, says that the Internet has become a supermarket where software is sold as well as content. They say that as Amazon has become a producer now, films are being released there, the matter of Facebook is different, from friendship to business.

Madhavan Narayan says, “Content, commerce, connectivity and community – all four are available in the Internet. And these are available in Fang, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. These four are available. If you separate Netflix, then the rest. All three companies are used for small business, where you can also advertise, rent their software, such as videoconferencing etc.

These three companies touch everyone, whether YouTube, Ola- Uber, digital class. “
He says that in such a situation when there is such a mixture of such a huge population and market in India, it is obvious that big companies will be interested in them.

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Mobile phones have reached almost one billion hands in India’s one billion

Mobile phones have reached almost one billion hands in India’s one billion 300 million population, but among these there are 40 to 500 million people who have simple feature phones which do not have internet. But the difference between feature phones and smartphones is steadily decreasing.

Madhavan Narayanan says that this number will be doubled comfortably in the next four-five years because phones are becoming cheaper and data plans too.
Rishi Raj says that these 60 million internet smartphone customers are with the mobile operators, and through them, they are reaching the consumers’ content of companies like Amazon Prime, Netflix.

He says, “According to me, Google has realized that this is the time when in India if they tie up their already available services with any company, then the money that they will put, they will not In some way, reach the consumer so that he can also earn from it in some way, which was not being done till now. “

Data Repositories and Concerns
Another big reason for big international companies like Google

Data Repositories and Concerns
Another big reason for big international companies like Google to turn towards India is the data which can be gathered in India very easily.

Sage says, “These companies also come to India because they get data here, and with data profiling, companies have a huge stock so that they can find out consumer habits, do market research . “

But this again also raises the worry that will this data be misused?
The sage says that the most troublesome thing is that the speed with which this work is progressing, there is no work done about monitoring the data, keeping them safe, controlling their monopoly.

There is no way or process, so how will we give approval or disapproval?

He says, “There is no way or process, so how will we give approval or disapproval? It is working but it is happening slowly and first we have seen that if the player gets too big then the regulation comes , It is weaker than that. “

Madhavan also says, “There will be a confrontation with companies like Reliance-Jio and Google-Facebook-Amazon in the coming days, where and how to keep the data.”

Although Madhavan says that in the name of protecting privacy there may not be restrictions in the market in the coming days, perhaps keeping this in mind, these companies are trying to show that we will use this data only for advertising and not personal. To interfere with life.

Another reason for big companies like Google to invest fiercely in India

Another reason for big companies like Google to invest fiercely in India is to show that they do not consider India to be just a market.

Madhavan Narayanan says, “These companies do not want the image that they have come to India only to make money, they want to convey this to the governments and people, that they are international companies but they want India I want to invest money to have a good image so that they do not get crushed under the feet of nationalism. “

These Companies also want to try such that their eyes are not only on the consumers

Then ,these companies also want to try such that their eyes are not only on the consumers.Rishi Raj says, “There are also many projects of these companies in which these companies have to do projects with the governments, then it is also important for them to show to the government that if a company invested, I would also I am not behind, because if you do not, you can miss the benefits of government projects. “AGES

  • Not trying to save tax?

There is talk of taxing companies offering Google or digital service, because these companies make a significant amount of money from search and advertising, so according to experts, there may be a thinking behind investing in a country like India.

Madhavan says, “If they come in a growing market like India, then they would like to invest a part of their profits here so that their expenses will be more, their work will be spread and at the same time tax will have to be paid less.”

Is there anything of concern in this?
Madhavan says that this industry is such that it would not be right to make allegations in haste, it would not be right to jump in haste.

He says, “It is not a matter of concern but there must be thinking, Indian companies also make mistakes, people run away with debt, people steal taxes, but these international companies are not like that, yet they do social service We have not come, so we have to shake hands, but do not bow down. “

Why did Google get 10 billion dollars of love on India

Rishi says that these companies will be very cautious about an emerging economy country like India because if you launch anything here successfully so that you can reach the consumers, make money from it, then the companies will be left with this model. You can go and repeat in similar countries.

So, why did Google get 10 billion dollars of love on India, the answer can be found by Madhavan Narayanan’s statement- “If you keep in mind all the things that go in favor of India, then Google who is worth $ 10 billion You will invest, that amount will be less, if you are romancing with such a big economy, then you will spend some money on flowers and chocolate. “

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