Vikas Dubey Killed: Know What happened in the Heinous Murder Case

Vikas Dubey Killed: Know what happened in the heinous murder case, absconding, arrest and now the end, 10 points?

This heinous massacre in Vikhru village in Kanpur on the night of 2/3 July shook the entire UP government. All were shocked by this dare of Vikas Dubey

Lucknow. Gangster Vikas Dubey has been killed by UP STF after killing 8 policemen in Vikru village in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. UP STF was coming to Kanpur from Ujjain in custody, during which the car crashed.

After this, Vikas Dubey died in an encounter while trying to escape. With this, within a week of the Kanpur scandal, the UP police account has succeeded in killing 6 people including the main accused and arresting many.

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For six days, the UP Police combed the state as well as Nepal, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan and finally found development submerged in Madhya Pradesh.

During this search operation, the UP Police also carried out a number of encounter encounters, in which 5 companions of Vikas Dubey were killed. Not only this, many of his colleagues were also arrested.

Still the police is looking for other colleagues of Vikas Dubey. At the same time, UP police has recovered 3 pistols looted from the police after the incident, but the search for AK-47 and an INSAS rifle is going on.

Policemen’s association with Crime exposed

However, this whole scandal also exposed the nexus between politicians and policemen with criminals. An SO and an outpost in-charge are arrested in the case. At the same time, dozens of policemen have been lined up. The entire Chaubepur police station has been replaced.
What happened in the Kanpur shootout case?

Vikas’s Gang killed 8 Policemen. 6 Policemen were Injured, 1 other person was also Injured

July 2: Police of 3 police stations arrested Vikas Dubey in Bikaru village, Vikas’s gang killed 8 policemen. 6 policemen were injured, 1 other person was also injured.

In the Entire case, An FIR was registered against 60 people, including 20-22 nominees

July 3: Police killed Vikram’s maternal uncle Prem Prakash Pandey and aide Atul Dubey at 7 am in an encounter. In the entire case, an FIR was registered against 60 people, including 20-22 nominees. A reward of Rs 2.5 lakh was given on development, Rs 25 thousand on Amar and 18-18 thousand on others.

Police surrounded Vikas’s Servant and Special aide Dayashankar alias Kallu Agnihotri

July 5: Police surrounded Vikas’s servant and special aide Dayashankar alias Kallu Agnihotri. Dayashankar was injured due to police firing. He revealed that Vikas had planned and attacked the policemen beforehand.

Police Arrested 3, including Amar’s Mother Kshama Dubey and Dayashankar’s wife Rekha

July 6: Police arrested 3, including Amar’s mother Kshama Dubey and Dayashankar’s wife Rekha. At the time of the shootout incident, the police had approached Kshama Dubey to avoid the miscreants, but Kshama instead of helping, told the miscreants the location of the police. Rekha was also helping the miscreants.

CCTV footage of Vikas Dubey revealed in Faridabad

July 7: CCTV footage of Vikas Dubey revealed in Faridabad. In it, he shows auto catches. Three of his associates were arrested from Faridabad. Those arrested include Karthikeya alias Prabhat, Ankur, and Ankur’s father Shravan. All the policemen posted at the Choubepur police station were line-up, their mobile call details were also investigated.

STF kills Amar Dubey, close to Vikas

July 8: STF kills Amar Dubey, close to Vikas. On Vikas Dubey, the reward amount was increased to 5 lakhs. The member of Vikas Dubey gang was arrested in Shyamu Bajpai encounter. The police had declared a reward of 25 thousand. SO Vinay Tiwari of Choubepur and outpost in-charge KK Sharma were suspended on the charge of whistleblowing. The entire Chaubepur police station was replaced, 55 new policemen were deployed here.

Vikas Dubey surrendered in Ujjain

July 9: Vikas Dubey’s two companions, Prabhat Mishra and Bawwan, were killed in a police encounter. Prabhat Mishra was caught by the police from Faridabad and was killed while trying to escape. In Etawah, the police killed Pravin alias Bawan Dubey in an encounter. Vikas Dubey surrendered in Ujjain.
Late night, Vikas Dubey was handover to UP STF by MP Police. Late in the night, UP STF left 3 trains from Ujjain to Kanpur for development.

Vikas Dubey tried to escape by snatching the Pistol of the Policeman

July 10: A train of a STF convoy crashed in Barra police station area in Kanpur. Vikas Dubey tried to escape by snatching the pistol of the policeman and opened fire on the police. Police fired back, Vikas was shot. 4 soldiers also injured.

In the hospital, the doctors declared Vikas Dubey dead.

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