Turmeric Farmers See a Spike in Demand Corona period

New Delhi. Most farmers can do not make a good profit from agricultural produce during the Corona epidemic, but the story of turmeric farmers associate with the Farmers First project from the Central Horticultural Institute is completely different. Due to corona, the demand for raw turmeric is increasing and its price has gone up from Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kg, while farmers sold the same turmeric at Rs 15-20 per kg last year.

To double the income of farmers under the Farmer First Project (FFP), an effort is been make to increase income by cultivating available land in the middle of trees in mango orchards. Organic cultivation of turmeric and jimikand has popularized in mango orchards under FFP. Three years ago, 20 farmers from Mohammadnagar talukedar and Nabipanah villages of Malihabad provided seeds of turmeric-like Narendra Dev turmeric-2.

The farmers successfully produced 40–45 quintal turmeric per acre. The interesting fact is that its leaves do not damage by animals, so the crop is safe from cattle, nilgai, monkeys, etc. Chief investigator Dr. Manish Mishra said that turmeric knows as Indian Golden Saffron which is full of nutritious elements. The Corona period made raw turmeric more important due to its anti-oxidant, anti-biotic and anti-viral properties. Narendra Dev Turmeric-2 contains a five percent amount of curcumin, which prevents many diseases by removing free radicals from the body. Many problems like cold-cough, respiratory diseases, upper respiratory tract infection, or related diseases, viral fever can be avoided with the use of turmeric.

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