US coronavirus tests

Trump: US coronavirus tests more than other Countries

President Donald Trump talks about US coronavirus tests

President Donald Trump talks about US coronavirus tests. He said we have done more COVID-19 tests than other countries, so the cases of ‘Chinese virus’ are increasing:

US President Donald Trump is constantly aggressive about US Coronavirus. He calls it Chinese virus every time, to which many organizations have raised objections.

Donald Trump’s tweet on the US coronavirus tests

Increasing cases due to more testing:

Trump continues to attack US President Donald Trump in gestures at China. On Monday, Donald Trump once again called the Coronavirus a Chinese virus. The US President said that we are doing a large number of tests, so cases of coronavirus are increasing. US President Donald Trump wrote in his tweet that the death toll is now decreasing here.

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US coronavirus tests

Those who are fake news should also show it. Trump claimed that now people are getting jobs in record numbers. Let us tell you that in the last few days, there has been a tremendous jump in the cases of Corona virus in America. Every day about fifty thousand new cases are being registered here. According to the WorldMeter, more than 29 lakh people have been infected by the Corona virus so far in America. While 1.32 lakh people have died.

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Now the number of deaths in America has reached close to five hundred every day, whereas every day there were four thousand deaths. Significantly, Donald Trump has been continuously attacking China with the Coronavirus. Trump alleges that if China had warned the world at the right time, it would not have been so bad. That is why they call it the Chinese virus. Before the presidential election to be held in November,

Donald Trump is on the target of everyone not handling the Coronavirus properly. Whereas in response, they say that most of the tests are being done in America, so there are more cases.

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