Tobacco/Gutkha – What Saint Dr. MSG say about it?

We were doing a spiritual congregation near Agra. A Police Inspector wrote us a letter saying that, Guru Ji, during a raid in a Gutkha factory we found the dead lizards, Sewerage Powder, wood dust etc. Dear devotees while preparing this Gutkha they add the powder of dead lizards after drying, wood dust, Sewerage powder etc. people from the cities know what this sewerage powder means, but people from villages might not be knowing about this. So, let us explain in rural language. In big cities, shit and pee of people get to one place through big pipes. After drying, it becomes powder and that powder is added to this Gutkha/Tobacco. After adding a little fragrance, they named them as flyer runner dancer gods and goddess, and packed them in the pouch.

There after you people cutting from a side, keeping it in your palm, macerating it with ‘choona’. Well, you people know the meaning of ‘Choona Lagana’ in Hindi? Doing Fraud! And you people are doing fraud to yourself. Look! after macerating it well, keeping that next to lips, squirting out from mouth and sitting like as if I am Nawab Zada, and don’t know of whom, what all? you put inside. Either less or more, god only knows. But Sewerage powder! you understood, right. That is all they kept in their lips. 

What Saint Dr. MSG say about it?

From the Panchkula side, the product manager of any of these factories reached us and was told that Guru Ji whatever you told is a complete truth. All this got mixed in Gutkha/Tobacco in reality. And we have doctors written too that what all problems we can get from this. We will read it out and you just count! We tell you now, you pay attention. With this (Gutkha/Tobacco)

  • Lips Cancer, Tongue Cancer
  • Cheeks Cancer
  • Food Pipe Cancer, Neck Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer, Uterus Cancer, Pancreas Cancer, Large Intestinal Cancer
  • Urinary Bladder Cancer
  • Acidity, Ulcer
  • Mouth opening got small
  • Swelling in the Mouth
  • Heart Attack
  • Gangrene in the feet
  • Paralysis, High Blood Pressure
  • Obstruction in blood capillaries, Lung Cancer, breathlessness
  • Tuberculosis (TB), early aging, Dental loss
  • Sexual weakness, Asthma
  • Wrinkles on face, reduced sperm count, DNA degeneration
  • infertility and abortion due to defective DNA. 

We just dealt with a story of problems due to Gutkha/Tobacco. And this is another Doctor’s written with us, that in our country every 35th second one person is dying due to consumption of Gutkha/Tobacco. Means two people are dying in one minute in India. So, never ever do these addictions. It destroys a lot. 

We request you joining hands, we will tell you an addiction, you do that, and if you people stand by us, quieting addiction, then we will also now itself, sitting here, pray to god, bless you with Ashirwad. Because when a saint is praying, god never disallow, as he never prays for himself, but for the sake of mankind (altruism). So, we request you all devotees that here after all of you, will never do addiction and raise your hand to swear with us for this. 

So, people questioned us many times; please let your hand raised up for a very little moment. In school, teachers might had punished you, don’t know for how many times to give you lessons; but here don’t know what all you will get. So, people questioned us; why you came? Just to get rid the evils in people. 

So, today we pray to Lord; oh Almighty! They are leaving the evils, please let the evils out from their houses and must bless their houses with happiness and joy, a lot of blessings to all, please let your hand down, blessings. We are so happy that millions of people today promised us this and if right now any of you have such things please throw them out, Sewadar near you will pick them up. Don’t worry throw it out. Yes, one of the youngsters thrown from the last. And in the sister’s side too, if any of the sisters have any kind of such things, like Naswar, any medical addiction, anything, throw it out, just by sitting itself. Sewadar will pick it up. Some sitting in front, feeling the shame that if I am throwing sitting in front, everyone will know. It’s good if you are withdrawing it today, God will bless you by now itself. 

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