This Strategy of India worked in The Retreat of China in Galvan!

If the Chinese army has retreated, many strategic-political and diplomatic steps of India are responsible for this, which were being continuously pushed forward for the last several days. Sequentially, there are many important factors involved. For example, how India raised troops on the border, prepared fighter planes, created a worldwide atmosphere against China, statements of many countries including America came, Prime Minister Ladakh himself went there.

Modi visit at Leh
  • PM Modi gives clear message to China by going to Ladakh
  • Deployment of fighter jets at forward post a hint

What is the Border dispute between India and China?

There have been some signs of softening in the ongoing conflict between India and China for several weeks. The Chinese Army is now 1-2 km from Galvan Valley. She has retreated. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval spoke to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday, after which this agreement has been reached between the two countries.

A border dispute has been going on between India and China for a long time. Representatives have been fixed by both the countries to resolve this. Ajit Doval is the only permanent representative from India, who has spoken to his Chinese counterpart.

First Army Chief went and talks continued on the other side. Despite a lot of provocation, the Prime Minister did not take the direct name of China. This left the conversation window open. By banning many apps and canceling the tenders of Chinese companies, they told that India would not bow down in this matter, as a result, China did not see any benefit in taking the matter forward.

At Ladakh, PM Modi’s Strong Message Against “Expansionism”

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly arrived in Ladakh in the morning and cheered the army. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a strong message to China from Ladakh. He had said that the era is of evolutionary policy, not expansionary. The Prime Minister targeted without naming China. He had said, we consider both Krishna’s flute and Sudarshan Chakra as ideal. PM Modi also took the condition of the injured soldiers in Ladakh.

The PM encouraged the soldiers. He said that the whole world has seen your valor and courage. With this, PM Modi in Leh took information on the conditions of LAC.

Prime Minister Modi along with CDS General Bipin Rawat and Army Chief General MM Narwane proceeded from Leh to Nimu with a height of 11 thousand feet. The essence of PM Modi’s visit was seen in the lines of Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, which was narrated by Prime Minister Modi himself.

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