This Match of Team India can bring back the spectators on the Cricket Ground

On the Indian cricket team’s tour of Australia, the Victorian government is planning to allow spectators to come to the stadium for the Boxing-Day Test.

Special Things

  • The possible return of viewers from The Melbourne Test
  • Corona’s havoc has spread in Victoria at the moment
  • Possibility of snatching from Melbourne
  • Adelaide Oval can be hosted Melbourne:

Team India’s tour of Australia to be held after 2 months of the Stadium You can get a chance to sit inside and Watch The Match

For cricket fans who have longed to see the chairs inside the stadium for 5 months, at least a good news is coming from Australia. Even though cricket lovers are not allowed to enter the stadium during the Indian Premier League (IPL) due to be held in the UAE due to the coronavirus epidemic, the spectators on Team India’s tour of Australia to be held after 2 months of the stadium You can get a chance to sit inside and watch the match.
At least this is what the Government of Victoria State of Australia is planning. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said on Monday that she was talking to Cricket Australia to allow spectators to come to the stadium during the Boxing-Day Test against the Indian team in Melbourne.
Viewer count may be limited.

The Victoria PM said that his government is also talking with Tennis Australia to ensure the presence of spectators during the Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis event in addition to cricket. Andrews told the media, “We have to decide a lot of things before the spectators return to the stadium.” We have to see what the safe number of viewers will be. At this time it will be very difficult to say what this number will be. He said it is too early for us to decide now. We want to see more and more people there, provided it is safe.

There is also a possibility of snatching The Match from Melbourne

Even if the Prime Minister of Victoria wants to see a crowd of spectators in the Boxing-Day Test. But amid the effects of the growing coronavirus in the state, there are also rumors that the Boxing-Day Test, to be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) every year on 26 December, may be given to another state this time.
In fact, Victoria has been facing lockdown since July, accounting for 75 percent of the total coronavirus infection cases in the country, while 90 percent of the total deaths have occurred in this state. There have been more than 26,000 infection cases in Australia, while more than 800 people have died.

These two sporting events are the choice of Millions

In January, more than 8 lakh visitors arrived at Melbourne Park for the Australian Open Tennis, while more than 2 lakh people visited the stadium to watch the Boxing-Day Test between Australia and New Zealand in December last year. But this time the view is different. The final of Australia Rules Football is scheduled to be held outside Melbourne. It will be held in Brisbane in October. In the same way, Adelaide is being considered a strong contender for hosting the Boxing-Day Test against India.


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