Improve your Health

Things You Can Do in Your Daily Life to Improve your Health

The Ancient and Best view to live Healthy Life

Every day is the new blessing, and every morning is the cover page of the day. Ayurveda the ultimate science of life, blessed this mankind with many of the life sutras. Ancient science that deals with not merely the treatment of the illness but also keeping the health of the healthier one.

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Main principles of Ayurveda to live the life

For this Ayurveda mention many of the principles to live the life, among them few are :-

  • Dincharya (Daily Regimens)
  • Rutucharya (Seasonal Regimens)
  • Ahar Vidhi Vishesha Ayatna (Principles of having Food)

Wake up 96 minutes Before Sunrise to Improve your Health

If talking about Dincharya starting with (ब्राह्मे मुहूर्ते उत्तिष्ठेत् स्वस्थो रक्षार्थमायुषहः ।) Means that one must and should wake up early in the Brahmi Muhurta (96 minutes before sunrise) to protect and improve our health, later on, continues with cleansing of the body with brushing of teeth, excretion of wastes, Kaval Dharan (keeping medicated decoction in the mouth) followed by Vyayama.

What is Vyayama?

Doing exercise? Well, this answer somewhat sounds good but not completely. Ayurveda classics mentioned that, anything that which makes the body tired is nothing but vyayama (ĕxcercise).

Exercise to improve you health
Exercise to Improve you health

(शरिरायास जनकं कर्म व्यायाम उच्यते ।)Which will help one to perform daily activities, increase digestive fire, reduce fat and keep the body fit., Bathing and list goes on till the day end.

Well, being healthy is in the everybody’s wish list, but how many actually are? It is believed that obesity got tripled worldwide since 1975. Not only this many of the other serious issues like cardiovascular disorders, diabetes mellitus, cancer, hypertension, depression, osteoporosis etc., which ultimately affects the quality of life.

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Few Tips to Improve your Health

  • Doing ĕxcercise
  • Drinking abundant amount of water
  • Eating Healthy
  • Sound Sleep

Doing ĕxcercise, drinking abundant amount of water, eating healthy, sound sleep, celibacy and many more helps you with many of the benefits like preventing aging, devoid of illness, complexion, increased muscle tone, better immunity, keeps you energetic etc. An increase in physical fitness will reduce the risk of premature death and decreased physical fitness will increase the risk of premature death.

Concept of health is the widely discussed topic in the world. Wide range of discussion and reference with ancient literatures describes its importance in day-today life. Ayurveda the great science tells if a person is unhealthy with almost all the wealth of the world, that will be of no use.

By:- Dr Munish Kumar Insan
BAMS MD (Ayurveda)

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