These Two Drugs Will Cure Corona in India, Government Approved

The Union Health Ministry has released a new protocol for the treatment of corona infections. The Ministry of Health has approved treatment under anti-viral drug remadecivir, immunosuppressive drug tocilizumab, and investigational therapy through plasma therapy.

Earlier, the ministry had stopped treatment with both Remedesvir and Plasma therapy. The Health Ministry has approved these drugs after the review report of the Corona Virus Clinical Management Protocol. Apart from this, special care should also be taken in what quantity the medicine should be given to the patient.

It has been suggested in the new report that corona patients have been given the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine at an early stage. However, in severe cases, it should be avoided. This medicine should be given to the patient only after ECG.

Remadecivir is a nucleoside ribonucleic acid (RNA) polymerase inhibitor injection. It was created by Gilead Sciences, a US pharmaceutical company, to treat Ebola, a rapidly spreading disease in African countries.

While treatment of patients is also possible through plasma therapy. After being caught by a virus, the human body generates an anti-body. When the anti-body is sufficient, the virus in the body is automatically destroyed. In this way, the antibodies present in the plasma of one person’s blood can be cured by putting it in the body of another.

Let us know that so far more than 77 lakh cases of corona have been reported in the whole world, out of which four and a quarter lakh people have died so far. Even in India, the Corona positive figure is touching 1.25 lakh.

The number of people who died of corona in India has exceeded 9,000. Health experts claim that until the corona vaccine is found, people will have to adopt the guidelines given by WHO seriously.

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