Corona Vaccine

There are some of the mistakes you need to care on Twitter otherwise account will be blocked forever

If you are an active twitter user, then must be alert as a simple mistake can block your account. Twitter made this very clear, that any of the negligence in this will not be ignored.

Be very conscious while commenting about Corona Vaccine.

As per one of the website, twitter recommended users to not to comment or post on Corona Vaccine without thinking and understanding. As your negligence can harm the national health services.

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Corona Vaccine.

Accounts for those will be suspended who are spreading rumours.

Twitter given information that, any of the app user, if spreading the myths about Corona Vaccine, his/her account will be suspended, and will not be able to use again. For the very first mistake twitter will warn you, on repetition for the second time twitter will lock your account for the 12 hours and one who are intentionally repeating it, twitter will suspend their account permanently.

Till now around 8K Accounts got suspended

As per the information accounts for around 8K people got suspended who spreading the rumors about the

COVID-19 Vaccine.

Rules will be applicable for every language

Twitter further added that these rules for violation of Rumours for COVID-19 Vaccine will be applicable for all languages, starting from English.

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