Kanpur Encounter: U.P Govt Declares a Reward of Rs.1 lakh on Gangster Vikas Dubey’s arrest

Tightened the development, Vikas Dubey, after Kanpur, Lucknow house will also fall!
The police is being tightened against gangster Vikas Dubey. After Kanpur, Vikas Dubey’s house in Lucknow will also fall.

  • Police tighten against Vikas Dubey
  • Lucknow Development Authority team investigated

After Kanpur, Vikas Dubey’s house in Lucknow will also fall. Vikas Dubey’s house is located in Indralok, Krishnanagar in Lucknow. The LDA team has inspected his house.

It is being told that work is going on on the process of demolishing the house. Proprietary rights, maps, documents examined. In the initial investigation of Lucknow Development Authority, a lot has been found wrong about the development house.

After the martyrdom of eight policemen, the search for the main accused gangster Vikas Dubey continues. On the other hand, the Kanpur administration has demolished Vikas Dubey’s residence in Bithur. The same JCB of Vikas Dubey has been used to demolish the house, through which the police team was surrounded. Apart from this, the administration is preparing to attach all the properties of Vikas Dubey. The administration will examine all its properties. Also, all bank accounts will also be seized.

Kanpur shootout: Prime accused Vikas Dubey still on the run

In search of Vikas Dubey, 20 teams of police are raiding different areas. In all these areas, the family of development lives. An alert has also been issued on Nepal border. Photos of Vikas Dubey have been posted.

Meanwhile, after the encounter of encounter in Kanpur, Chaubepur police station has come under suspicion. If any policeman is found involved in Vikas Dubey’s help, then a case of murder will be filed against him.

Chaubepur police station under suspicion
Kanpur IG Mohit Aggarwal said that all possible locations of Vikas Dubey are being raided, and soon success will be achieved. He said that the entire Chaubepur police station is under suspicion. How many policemen talked to Vikas Dubey, the matter is under investigation.

Mohit Aggarwal said that if the role of a policeman comes to the fore, he will not be spared at any cost, he will be taken action for killing the policemen, the case of 307 will be filed and he will be dismissed.

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