India-China Border dispute: Updates

Impact of India-China border dispute globally. Diplomatic War: US-Australia-Japan-ASEAN-Europe, China jerks from everywhere
Partners like America, Australia and Japan have joined India on this issue.
China is facing opposition in the world

  • India heavy on China
  • Big opposition in the world

China has been known for its expansionist policy for a long time and its effort is to implement it at all costs. But this time when China tried to adopt this policy in front of India, it was overshadowed by it. Because after India’s response, almost every powerful country in the world has turned against China.

India-China Border dispute: India First Stopped 59 Mobile Apps Working in India, Hurting China’s Business and Termed it a Security Threat

After this, the US also welcomed India’s decision and stated it in the interest of security of the country.

The United States is constantly standing on the issue of the ongoing dispute between India and China and has blamed the Communist Party of China for the intense relations between the two countries, the incident in Galvan Valley. The US also called two Chinese companies a threat to security and banned them.

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How did China stuck in the world?

Apart from America and India, Australia is constantly attacking China. In the past, the biggest cyberattack took place in Australia and the suspicion was on China. Apart from this, Australian PM Scott Morrison has presented his defense plan, it has included the India-China dispute.
On the other hand, China already has a figure of 36 with Japan, because of the issue of Hong Kong or Taiwan or South China Sea dispute, Japan has always been against China.

The Trio of America-Japan and India are Continuously Spoiling The Game of China

Not only this, Japan has strengthened its Navy in the South China Sea at present. The trio of America-Japan and India are continuously spoiling the game of China.

If we talk about organizations like ASEAN and Europe, then both the dispute of Vietnam and the law implemented in Hong Kong have been opposed. In this situation, there is an all-round attack from China. That too when he is already on target of the world on the issue of coronavirus.

Twenty soldiers of India were martyred in Galvan Valley, after which there is anger against China in the country. So far, many projects given to Chinese companies in India have stopped. Can be done away with government projects and a company like Tiktok has been banned.

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