The Birth of a Strange child in Aligarh, Turns into a Skin like Fish

A bizarre child is born in a private hospital in the Quarcy region in Aligarh. The chances of survival of such a child are less.

Such a bizarre child was born from Aligarh in Hindustan to Kasturba Hospital in East Delhi. ABC a12 jeans cause such children. Children’s skin becomes like fish in it. It is difficult to serve.

The disease is called Baby Harlic Cream Etholis. Such illness comes after 30 million deliveries. In this, the skin of children becomes like the skin of fish. Such children do not survive after birth.

A Girl with a strange face has been born in the Varun Hospital in Vishnupuri in the city

According to the information, a girl with a strange face has been born in the Varun Hospital in Vishnupuri in the city. On seeing the newborn, not only the doctors and staff of the hospital, but also the family are shocked. The doctor says that the neonatal harlequin suffers from ichthyosis. Only a few such cases have come up in the world so far.

The 35-year-old woman, a resident of Ganjundundwara in Kasganj, was admitted to the Varun Hospital in Vishnupuri on Friday evening after excessive bleeding. The woman already has a child. After that, the woman has miscarried many times. All the precautionary tests were done this time. Investigations on Saturday showed that the baby’s heartbeat was not correct.

After this the child was born after the operation with the consent of the family. On seeing the strange newborn, the staff there were shocked. The baby is completely different from a normal newborn. His eyes are very big. The color of the eyes is ruddy red. Body color is also different. The skin is as if cut with a knife. The mouth is opening a bit.

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