Tamil Nadu: Disturbance Over Death in Custody of Father-Son Arrested for Breaking Lockdown

There is outrage across the state in Tamil Nadu over the incident of death of a father and his son allegedly arrested in police custody and torture on charges of lockdown violation. There have been demonstrations regarding this incident and the Human Rights Commission has sent a notice to the police.

P Jayaraj, 58, and his son Benix, 38, were arrested on charges of keeping the shop open even after the time of lockdown. In Tamil Nadu, lockdown is still in force due to Coronavirus.

Jayaraj and Benix were kept in police custody all night. Both died two days later. There was a difference of only a few hours between the two deaths.
Jayaraj and Benix’s relatives have alleged that both were tortured in custody, Benix was also tortured.

Reports of police brutality and torture have been reported from many parts of the country during the lockdown. This incident has again sparked debate about the attitude of the police.

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