Supreme Court Justice R. Banumathi said- I too was a victim of delay in getting justice.

New Delhi:
On her last working day, Justice R Banumathi, one of the three women judges of the Supreme Court, said that in the past, she too was a victim of judicial delay. He said that now the government and judiciary have taken steps to reduce judicial delay. Justice Banumathi’s big achievement is that she rose from district judge to judge of the top court, which is a rare achievement.

Justice Banumathi will retire as a judge of the Supreme Court on 19 July and today was his last working day. As a custom, she sat with the Chief Justice of India on Friday to hear the cases.

In farewell organized through webinar by Supreme Court Bar Association. Justice Banumati recalled his old days. He told that his father had died in a bus accident and his family was suffering from judicial delay to get compensation.

Justice Banumati served as a judge for over three decades. In 1988, he started his career as a District Judge in Tamil Nadu. He was promoted as a judge in the Madras High Court in April 2003 and then as the Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court in 2013.

In August 2014, he was appointed to the Supreme Court. Justice Banumati’s biggest decision in the Supreme Court was the order to hang Nirbhaya’s killers. He also granted bail to him after hearing the P Chidambaram case.Supreme Court judge Justice R. Banumathi was given a farewell on retirement on Friday.

Justice Banumathi also praised the media personnel covering the Supreme Court at the farewell ceremony. He said that the press is always timely and accurate in the coverage of the Supreme Court.

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