Superintendent Sandeep Singh gave plasma to a Woman in Custom

During the lockdown, Sandeep Singh corona infected on duty

• Plasma given to a woman living in her society

Frankly speaking / Sanjay Mehra Gurugram / Mumbai. Superintendent Sandeep Singh in the Customs Department in Mumbai, a resident of Palam Extension (Dwarka), New Delhi, has presented a unique example of social service by giving plasma to a woman. Sandeep Singh himself suffers a lot of mental stress when Corona got infect. Due to which his family, friends, and relatives played an important role in the exit. Superintendent Sandeep Singh in the Customs Department has set a unique example by giving plasma to a woman admitted to the ICU of Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai.

It has also assured that if anyone needs plasma in the future, they will be ready to donate plasma again. The corona peaked in July – August during the lockdown. The spread of corona was increasing in many cities of Maharashtra including Mumbai, the country’s financial capital. At the same time, fear of Corona was continuing in other states of the country. Everyone was terrorizing. In the Customs Department, Superintendent Sandeep Singh called to the Office of the Customs Department between Work from Home.

He came in contact with a Corona-positive employee the same day and himself became Corona infected. Then he remained in exile from 15 July to 7 August 2020 due to corona being infected. The mental stress he suffered during this period was very painful. Sometimes fever, sometimes nervousness, and sometimes mental discomfort. The situation worsened when his fellow officer died due to a corona infection. This incident made him even more upset.

Wife Saroj played important responsibility under adverse circumstances

He was forced to live in separate confinement in the same house with wife Saroj, son Vardan, and daughter Veera. Sandeep Singh says that the responsibility of wife Saroj was further increased. He had to handle them as well as watch the children. Daughter Veera is younger.

She would sometimes knock at his door, sometimes she would reach the room seeing the door open. She too became ill, but by not taking care of her own health, Saroj played an important role in taking the whole family out of mental anguish with food and drink. Did not lose courage. The whole family got corona examined. Till the report came, the mercury of tension was too high.

Well, on July 22, 2020, the corona report of wife Saroj, son Vardan and daughter Veera in the family came negative. All of this took a breather. On July 24, Sandeep Singh’s corona investigation took place and this time too the family’s concern was increased due to the report coming positive. However, the doctors told him to stay in seclusion and take care of himself and an immunity booster. Finally, on 7 August 2020, Sandeep Singh’s corona report also came negative. Then the family tension ended.

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