Strict Import Rules in India Union Minister RK Singh

On the border, the government is constantly giving blow to China in the economic sector. After the construction sector, now a strict decision will also be taken in the power sector.
Union Minister RK Singh

• India preparing to shock China in power sector

• Customs will increase on import of power sector

Economic shocks are constantly being given to China from India. After the road construction and digital sector shocks, now the turn is of the power sector. Union Minister RK Singh has said that whatever import was done from China for the power project, now the government can regulate it. Custom duty can be increased in this area.

Chinese Companies will be Banned in Big Highway Projects in India

RK Singh said that the customs duty will be increased by the government, so that the import of the easy will be tightened. To curb Chinese companies, strict rules will be taken along with the custom.

The Union Minister said that India has such power that we can push China in the war zone along with the economic level. Today the whole world is with India, strong leadership of India is in this
Regarding the impact that will occur in India after the Chinese investment stops, he said that we can complete the supply in our country on our own. Earlier the goods were ordered because China used to give its product at a cheap price. But now a self-reliant India has been started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

RK Singh said that now the dependence on household goods will increase, because every Indian wants that China should be taught a hard lesson.

Let us tell you that earlier on Wednesday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari had given a statement that now Chinese companies will be banned in big highway projects in India, not only that if they come in partnership with anyone, then they will be banned. On the other hand, China will also be tightened in the MSME sector.

Earlier, the government had banned 59 mobile apps in China, including Tiktok. At the same time, the railway had also canceled the contract given to the Chinese company.

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