Story: Grandmother

There were voices in my ears because my wall and mine shared.

Grandmother’s stature was small, her stature was small like her height. Whilst laying in the sun, she would sunbathe in the winter and keep a lot of water filled with water, whenever she feels thirsty, drink two sips of water. The hair was white like his cotton wool and there was not a single tooth in the mouth. There were wrinkles on his body, but his dominance was still intact, as it may have been in puberty. He was very fast-paced, but still, the mother-in-law was never heard. Grandmother used to live under some pressure from her daughter-in-law, but whenever she gets angry, she uses to say what she had to say.

He never bothered to react to what his daughter-in-law said, or not. Today, the grandmother was somewhat sad. Although the relationship between sister and brother is such that all the other relationships seem insipid in front of that relationship, due to different behavior in that relationship, the grandmother’s mind was sad. She was sad at the thought of what the daughter said. She wanted to explain to the son, but thought that maybe she does not mind me, even after some days she kept thinking. Say what they want to say or not, but then they thought that the matter is small, but this small thing should not cause separation in the hearts.

After thinking for several days, he made up his mind to talk to his son Wazirchand. Today was the holiday of Wazirchand, then he came and sat near the mother and asked her about her well being. Mother said, O O Wazier, if I say one thing, you will not mind. No, Beji (he used to call his mother Beji) why would he mind. Say whatever you want to say. Does anyone mind the mother’s talk? Son should not treat two daughters in a house differently. The mother said. He said, ‘What have I done that you are saying like this.

He said, your sister also comes and your daughter comes to tie Oy Wazir Rakhi. My daughter is your sister. Yes, Bezy! This is also something to say. And your daughter is the sister of Neke (Nek Chand). Yes, busy. When both are daughters of this house. A father’s sister and a son, then why are the two not considered equal in this house. But what have I done? I respect the sister and brother-in-law a lot. Yes! You respect only to say, but does your daughter get respect in the same way as your daughter comes. I did not understand what you want to say. Son, I know you have kept me in your house. I also spend on you.

I didn’t want to, but you have to bear my burden too. Wazirchand put his head in the mother’s lap and started crying. Mother was rubbing her hair. While crying, Wazirchand said, tell me very clearly, what a mistake I have made. Do not embarrass me So listen son, he said, there are only two festivals in a year, one is Rakhi and the other is Tikka.

When sisters come to the maiden without any call. I know that if your daughter gets one thousand rupees for rakhi, then your sister gets one hundred rupees. Why so much difference son. If Anamika is Neke’s sister, then Mansa is also your sister. Do not like Mansa with Manasa, but do not do anything that she feels that my arrival is a burden to her.

Why did Mansi say something? No, and nothing was said. Just said that Beji is not feeling well. I will send Rakhi, Tikka Bai post after today. You sometimes come with your brother and stay with me for a few days. Your mind will also be entertained. son! At this age, I will go to the daughter’s house and eat at her house, will I like it.

Not sold! You will not go anywhere. I get your point. Will not give you an opportunity to complain after today. Then, obey my point and convince my furious sister this time. If daughters stay happy and go from house to house with laughter, then there is happiness in the house. He said while explaining to the son. Two days before Rakhi, Wazirchand brought his sister and brother-in-law to the house and sent them clothes, sweets, rupees, etc., while leaving and sent them away happily.

People from neighborhoods also used to come to the grandmother’s house often with their problems and they would get their disputes resolved immediately. During the winter, all the women in the neighborhood used to come to the grandmother to sunbathe. The entire fair would have started. Weave a sweater, someone makes sew.

Someone keeps talking. At the same time, some of the other problems would be solved in one sitting. Work is done, entertainment is entertained. All the women used to eat food in the afternoon while sitting there in the sun. Grandma used to think of her as her family. But there has been a lot of difference between yesterday and today. Yesterday, my Grandmother died. His small panthuri (charpai) has been removed from there today. Today the carpets are lying there. People are regretting the movement.

After ten or twelve days, all the relatives will go to their respective homes, then how will the feeling of this empty space, it will be felt more than I am feeling now, and the women of the whole neighborhood will be one who will Like the family, they used to sit around the grandmother and sunbathe in the winter.

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