Society to Witness Speedy Social Reforms once again as Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh gets 40 Days Parole

Wave of ecstasy & gratitude as Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh gets 40 days parole

Baba Ram Rahim, the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda has once again been granted 40 days parole, as confirmed by the government officials.

The news has generated quite a lot of positive sentiments amongst the common man and society in general, who feel grateful for the massive social help provided by Baba and his followers on the ground level.

What happened during 40 Days Parole in June

In the month of June, Dera Chief Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim was granted 40 days parole by the authorities, which led to quite a stir, especially in the north India.

During this time, Gurmeet Ram Rahim did rendezvous with his followers across the world through internet, making use of live video broadcasts. If reports are to be believed, in 40 days, almost 20 Lakhs (2,000,000) people gave up their drug and liquor addictions and pledged to stay sober for the rest of their lives.

This definitely created a massive wave of positive feelings even amongst the non-followers, who were desperate to help their children and family members get rid of drug addictions.

During these 40 Days, Baba Ram Rahim also urged followers to hoist the tricolour in their homes in the month of August and to take care of stray cows by cooking 1 chapati/bread for them daily.

It is needless to say that his presence escalated, quickened and intensified the service works that his followers had been carrying on. Gaushalas(cow stables) were provided with nutritious feed in teh wake of lumpy virus, destitute pregnant women were helped, rations were provided to hundreds of destitute families and many more works have since been carried out at a massive scale all across the world.

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What’s Next in October Parole

While Baba Ram Rahim has millions of followers, there are also naysayers, as is with the case with any well known high profile person.

While the haters may dislike the idea of him coming out, people in general are looking forward to him coming back. One of the primary reasons that people want to get rid of the web of drugs, that has captured many a youngsters. They are looking for someone who can help them.

Till date Baba Ram Rahim has been successful in enabling more than 65 million people quit the drug addictions. which is by far the largest number that the world has ever witnessed.

People are also expecting for Baba to come up with some new public welfare initiative, which can further improve the social conditions. So far there are 142 such tasks. Till date have not only helped millions of people, but have also saved many a lives.

Overall, the government move to provide parole to Baba Ram Rahim is being welcome right now. Baba is arrived in Bagpat, U.P. Ashram.

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