Society Thrown, He Adopted

Society Thrown, He Adopted

Adopts the girls entrapped in prostitution as his own daughters, gets them medically treated and rehabilitate them with the social mainstream by arranging their marriage

For our “The Fact Eye” subscribers we use to upload a new video about unbelievable truths. We never talk on the basis of sources so-called Sutr we talk with people directly and get the facts.

India has many stain and Prostitution is the worst stain. Millions of girls are forcefully made to fall in this hell and there are many unmarried sex workers which is very shameful for us.

we met one person and asked questions:-

Q1. When did you join Dera Sacha Sauda?

Reply: 25 years ago and they use to come here regular basis. He said we feel very Positive and motivated at Dera Sacha Sauda, We listen to the sermons of Baba Ram Rahim, and Guru G’ teachings are best for life.

Q2. What Baba Ram Rahim ji Does?

Reply: He said he adopted those unmarried sex workers/Prostitute Girls as his own daughters,
Where in this world no one wants to bring those girls in the mainstream. Baba Ram Rahim taught us that in many cases there is no fault of those girls, they had been forcefully fallen in this hell by anti-social people, lets brought them in the mainstream and give them a respectful life.
And as per the guidance of him we drive many awareness rallies about “No Prostitution”.

Baba Ram Rahim ji says that those poor & hapless girls who want to quit this bad work please contact us, we 100% helps them to take them out from there and will provide full treatment and marriages will also be done with well-educated boys.

Q3. What has been done for Prostitute Girls?


To eradicate this stain from the country Baba Ram Rahim and his followers derive awareness rallies and
campaign for this and around 1500 young boys have taken pledge & filled the form to marry with these prostitute girls and accept her as a wife, daughter, sister and a mother.

Families accept these girls publicly and take care of these girls.
Many girls have come to Dera Sacha Sauda and here they got free treatment & then got married with well honored & educated boys and started new happy live.

No Prostitution

The girls who were forcefully sold to these sex marketers by their family or others

Baba Ram Rahim helps and do many efforts to re-integrated into the social mainstream by this unique initiative. Human trafficking has caused a demonic commodification of helpless girls who are often sold into this trade.

Initiative “No Prostitution” in January, 2010

Baba Ram Rahim started this Initiative “No Prostitution” in January, 2010 and 70 million people agreed with him to stop prostitution. Baba Ram Rahim gave them new Name “ShubhDevi” and no one called them by their bad names.


If you wants to stop Prostitution How to help

If you think you can help in one or otherway we are always welcome for new ideas. Maybe you even know about such some children or women who are also suffering. Dera Sacha Sauda, this organization makes immense efforts to stop prostitution & they are fighting against prostitution.


  • Great humanity work..Salute Baba Ram Rahim Ji

  • Salute Guru ji for this great initiate ???

  • Dhan Dhan satguru Tera hi aasra Papa ji…..
    Pita ji Hmare liye kya hai ye हम अपने shabdo mai kbhi byan nhi s
    Kr skte,,, 134 humanity के kam chlana or Unko follow krvana koi aashan काम nhi hai pr Hmare पिताजी ne hr vo bde se bde काम kiye hai vo impossible hai usko Hmare पिताजी ne possible kiye hai… पिताजी Bss hme apni hi राह pr chle rakhna jiii हम sda aapse aapko mange jiii…
    Msg ki beti.. ?????✌️✌️?

  • Har kdam social evils ko remove hota h.

  • Satguru ji adopt those prostitution ,n given her his name as daughter n will help to happy marriage life now she r living as normal girl

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