Ram-Naam is the Power that Gives Strength

Mustard. Pujya Hazur father saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji insists that humans have forgotten Om, Hari, Allah, Waheguru, God, God, Rabb. By forgetting him, gum, grief, pain, anxiety, troubles increase inside the human being and due to spiritual weakness, the person always remains unhappy and upset. Those who have a spiritual weakness, they cannot bear anything. It is common to have a temper on the matter, anger on the talk. A Ram-Naam is such a force, that by chanting, it brings strength to the person, by which the person does not bother even in the biggest work.

One who can chant Ram’s name can achieve everything

Pujya Guruji states that when there is spiritual weakness inside a human being, then people are unnecessarily entangled, fighting without any reason. You say that Satsang is the only place where one Allah, Waheguru, God, God, Rabb is taken to get self-sufficient, spiritual power, there is a discussion of a boss, the person comes and sits there. It is revealed that everything is inside him, yet he is a pauper. Whatever is in the universe, it is in the body of a person, who will chant the name of Rama, he can achieve everything. He gets everything, otherwise, people come back as they come. They come empty-handed, return empty-handed, but those who listen to the Satsang, chant the Rama-Naam, do devotion, they achieve the happiness of the divine and they achieve all the happiness of the owner.

Having attained ecstasy in this Kali Yuga, dead people also. Revered Guruji tells us how happy that person will be, who is the Begum, who does not have any sorrow or concern for anything. That is, there is no tension, disease, wrong thinking, no one can be a happy person. But to be such a human is not a minor thing. You are sitting somewhere, saw something, meditation went there. Then something looked on the other side, then attention shifted to that side. In such a meditation you are entangled, sometimes you have a wrong idea, wrong thinking, sometimes you see wrong and then you are sad and upset because of that. Self-determination is necessary to avoid this, and when you achieve self-power, only then will the happiness of the boss be achieved, only then will you be so strong inside that like a lotus while you are in the world, mud will not affect you even when you are in the mud.

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