Rajnath Singh said on the India-China dispute, how far it will be resolved, it cannot guarantee

India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said that India and China are negotiating to resolve the border dispute and they hope that the dispute should be resolved.
Addressing the Indian soldiers in Ladakh, Rajnath Singh said, “Whatever the progress of negotiations so far, the matter should be resolved. Where it will be resolved cannot guarantee it. But I definitely want to assure that Not even an inch of India’s land can touch the power of the world, no one can occupy it. “

On June 15, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley. China has not officially given any information about the casualties yet.
Rajnath Singh reached Ladakh and visited the border areas and then visited the Lukung Outpost and met the soldiers and officers of the Indian Army. Army Minister General MM Naravane and Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat were also present along with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.
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After the incident of June 15, India and China have held talks at several levels. The armies of both the countries have retreated from many areas, but still talks are going on in some countries about some areas.
‘India will not tolerate’

Addressing the soldiers and officers, Rajnath Singh said, “India is the only country in the world which has given the message of peace to the whole world. We have never invaded any country nor we have occupied the land of any country. Is. India has given the message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. “
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He said- We do not want unrest, we want peace. Our character has been that we have never tried to hurt the self-respect of any country. If there is an attempt to hurt India’s self-respect, we will not tolerate it and will give a befitting reply.

Actually, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was going to visit Ladakh only on July 3. But that was canceled. Then Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly reached Ladakh and met military officers and soldiers.

Narendra Modi had said, “The era of expansionism is over and now is the phase of developmentalism. In the fast changing times, developmentalism is only relevant. In the last century expansionism was the destruction of mankind. If the insistence of expansionism on anyone When riding, it is always a threat to world peace. “

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