Protect Yourself from Evils- Benefits of Satsang

The revered Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji insists that Satsang is a place where the name of the God is discussed, where the person is told how to connect with the God. Quality of humanism inside man, which continues to die in today’s age

Reverend Guru Ji states that today man has become a self-respecting, mean-spirited. A human beings can fall to any extent for their own sake. In such a meantime, if the person wants to get the happiness of the God, then he has to revive his inner human being. Pujya Guruji tells us that when there is a feeling of humanity inside people love increase. Views of heaven-paradise begin to appear on this earth. As soon as this feeling is over, humans start feeling jealous, hated, and restless in agony.

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You say that a person should listen to Satsang. Satsang is free of Cost .Religion, caste, dress, work, business, home, etc. have to leave nothing. If a person does his work by listening to Satsang then he also gets benefits in business. Therefore, if you keep doing your noble work, worldly work while doing Satsang, then happiness will be achieved from inside and outside and you will get success in work also. Success in business in the name of the god is achieved because chanting the name of the god brings confidence, self-confidence in the human . With the help of that confidence, man resolves the biggest difficulty of the world in a pinch. Turns terrible deeds like a mountain into kankar. There is no such thing that a person cannot do./p>

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