PM Modi on ‘Self-reliant India’ in Defense Industry – Our goal is to increase production in India, develop new technology right here

In a webinar organized on self-reliant India in defense industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that our goal is to increase defense manufacturing in India.

  • PM Modi – Our effort is to break the shackles related to defense sector
  • The country suffered a lot due to limited vision’
  • ‘Target of investment of 20 thousand crores in 5 years in defense sector’

Our aim is to Increase production in India, to develop new technology in India, and to expand the private sector in this area

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘I am happy that the stake holders associated with defense production in India are present in this program today. Our results of self-reliance will gain momentum from the results that will be obtained from the churning happening here today.

Loss to the country due to limited vision: PM Modi

He said that in the last few years our effort is to break all the shackles associated with this sector. Our aim is to increase production in India, develop technology in India, and to expand the private sector to the maximum, many important steps have been taken.

Prime Minister Modi said that for decades, Ordnance Factories were being run like government departments. The country has suffered due to a limited vision, as well as the hard working, experienced and skilled working class working there has also suffered a lot.
Symbol of confidence of new India: Modi
On the appointment of the post of Chief of Defense Staff, PM Modi said that the decision on the appointment of Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) was not being made in the country for a very long time, this decision is a symbol of the confidence of the new India.

101 defense items have been completely secured for home purchase. This list will be made wider, more items will be added to it

Prime Minister Modi said that technological upgradation is necessary for self-reliance in modern equipment. There is also a need to work on preparing the next generation of the devices that are being made today. For this, apart from DRDO, work is also being done in the private sector and academic institutions.

He said that work is progressing rapidly on the Defense Corridor. State of art infrastructure is being prepared in collaboration with the governments of Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. For this, a target of investment of 20 thousand crores has been set in the coming 5 years.
Some reforms were made in defense policy: Rajnath Singh.

Earlier, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in a webinar organized on ‘Self-reliant India’

In the defense industry that we want to be self-sufficient to contribute to the world in a better way. In this direction, some defense policy reforms have been made such as importation of 101 defense items has been banned.

So at the webinar event organized by FICCI (FICCI), CDS Bipin Rawat said that India is facing many challenges and threats today. Our collective response to COVID-19 has firmly established our ability to overcome any such unexpected event.

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