Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Spoke to Sri Lankan, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa

Other countries in this area also need loans for debt payment. On Friday,
Emraan Khan asked Rajapaksa to join the ‘Global Initiative on Debt Relief’ to reduce the economic hardship arising out of the Corona epidemic. The Pakistani High Commission in Colombo has also issued a press release regarding this.

President Soleh of Maldives is talking to his bilateral partners and international institutions about the loan. Ibrahim Hood, a spokesman for the President of Maldives, told The Hindu, “We are searching for an alternative to deal with the economic crisis that has plagued the world. We would also like help from India. India is one of our close friends.

According to government sources, India has very little debt on Maldives. Maldives wants India to invest in projects and development plans there. Maldives owes China $ 1.5 billion.
60 million dollars is a debt directly between the two governments. The Soleh government has previously described China’s debt as dangerous. However, there are reports that China has reduced this year’s payment from $ 100 million to $ 75 million.

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