Other leaders Including Trump raised Questions on Election Results

Washington l Many prominent Republican leaders and other leaders, including current US President Donald Trump, have raised questions on the method of counting of votes in presidential elections. Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the leading senators of the Republican Party, and Senator Ted Cruz also questioned some counting systems.

In a conversation with Fox, Senator Graham advised not to rush to conclusions about who won the election, saying it contested and the media would not decide who won the election. The US media, however, projects Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

Elaborating some of the discrepancies over the counting of votes, He said,

“The Trump team examined all early votes and absentee ballots in Pennsylvania, finding that there were over a hundred people who have already died.” . 15 such people have also confirmed. “

In addition, Senator Ted Cruz supports similar concerns, saying that software used to cast votes during presidential elections in all 47 counties of Michigan should investigate. When the dispute reached the Supreme Court, it took 36 days to resolve. He said that such a process should also do regarding these elections.

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