Obama’s Autobiography was discussed all over the World, this appeal to Youth

Former US President Barack Obama has written a lot for the youth in his book ‘A Promised Land’ along with his experiences related to life. He has appealed to the youth to create a new world.

Special things

  • Obama outlined America’s problems
  • Appeal to youth to build a new world
  • Joe Biden’s victory over victory

Washington: Former US President Barack Obama, in his autobiography ‘A Promised Land’, has appealed to the youth to create a new world where there is no place for discrimination. In his book, he has also mentioned the division of America on the basis of apartheid. He wrote, “The divide of a divide in America is very deep and only Donald Trump’s departure from the White House will not fill it.”

Democracy in crisis

In ‘A Promised Land’, Obama has also highlighted his four years as President. He wrote, “Our democracy is on the verge of crisis – this crisis is a fundamental battle of two opposing views about what America is and what it should be.” This crisis has made us politically divided, angry, and mistrustful ‘.

Happy with Biden’s victory

Obama expressed happiness over the victory of his former Vice President and current elected President Joe Biden, saying, ‘I am very happy with the performance of Biden and Kamala Harris. I am aware of his ability to move in the right direction. But I also know that the situation will not change with just one election. Because the divide of our division is very deep and the challenges are very difficult ‘.

Like an invitation

Obama wrote in his book, ‘If I remain hopeful about the future, one of the main reasons for this is that I have learned to build my confidence in my citizens, especially the youth’. Talking about ‘A Promised Land’, the former President said that his book is an invitation for the youth to create a world without discrimination, open ideas. He further said that with a great dose of youth hard work, determination, and imagination, America will have to make a country that shows our strengths and goodness.

Mentioned an emotional moment

In this 768-page first edition of his autobiography, Obama has said that he likes to write by hand even in the computer age. The former president has also mentioned the emotional moment when he had to leave the White House in January 2017 after the end of his term. At the same time, he has told that after being relieved of the responsibility of the presidency, he gave a lot of time to the family with his wife Michelle. He used to sleep late, go to a fabulous dinner, walk along. Let us tell you that Obama’s autobiography has become a topic of discussion all over the world even before the launch. The book will come to the market on 17 November.

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