Now Workers will be kept for 60 Years to make mid-day meal

To tell you the truth / Sunil Verma Sirsa. The Directorate of Education has issued new instructions for the selection and appointment of workers and helpers for making mid-day meals in government schools. Under which, now, workers and helpers who are not more than 60 years of age will keep in schools to make a mid-day meal. Regarding which the Directorate of Elementary Education has written a letter to all the District Basic Education Officers of the state and issued instructions to follow the new instructions.
It is worth noting that students studying in government schools given a mid-day meal in the afternoon. First-eighth-grade pupils get mid-day-mile in schools. Drought ration provided by the department at home to the students of schools regarding corona infection.

Health check-up will done on time

The selection of worker-helper under the mid-day meal deployed in government schools and health screening will take place before their appointment. If the worker will a contagious, infected disease, contagious disease, then he cannot be appointed. Apart from this, after every six months, it will be necessary to get a health check-up of the employees of mid-day meals working in all schools. During this time if someone gets the above diseases then they can also be removed.

Mid-day-meal workers and helpers in government schools will be up to 60 years of age. Workers older than this will not retain. Along with this, the health checkups of workers and helpers will require from time to time. Simultaneously, the Directorate of Elementary Education has also set the process of selection in the instructions issued. Regarding which instructions have issued to all schools.

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