Now summons can be sent through WhatsApp-email:- Supreme Court allows

Now summons can be sent through WhatsApp-email, Supreme Court allows
It has been said by the Supreme Court that now notices and summons can also be sent through WhatsApp or email. The court allowed this during the hearing of a case

  • Now notice-summons will be available from WhatsApp
  • Supreme Court granted permission on Friday

Most of the work has now gone digital due to the lockdown implemented due to Coronavirus. During this time, the Supreme Court also heard many cases through video conferencing.

The Supreme Court has given another big decision

SC Summons on Whatsapp

Now summons or notices can be sent through WhatsApp, Telegraph. Also, it will be sent to the person concerned through email. If a blue tick appears on WhatsApp, then it will be assumed that the receiver has seen the notice.

Before this, notices and summons were sent physically. In such a situation, there were many problems.

Let us tell you that since the Corona crisis, online hearing is being held in other courts including the Supreme Court. Initially, the hearing was being conducted only through video conferencing in the Supreme Court, later the High Court and the session court were also allowed.

Since March, the Supreme Court has heard and disposed of many important cases only through video conferencing. Whether it is a case on the Corona crisis or a petition filed for migrant laborers.

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