Noida: Fire in toy making factory in Sector 63, fire brigade on the spot

  • A toy manufacturing factory located in Sector-63 of Noida has caught fire. The fire has started due to short circuit.
  • toy factory fire
  • Fire started due to short circuit
  • Half a dozen fire engines on the spot

The toy factory located in Sector-63, Noida, adjacent to Delhi, has caught fire. The fire has started due to short circuit. Half a dozen carts of fire engines are on the spot to extinguish the fire. At the moment there is no information about anyone being injured or dying.

Last week, a huge fire broke out in the sub-station of Greater Noida’s NPCL. The fire started on transformers. This sub-station of NPCL is in Sector-148 of the Knowledge Park police station area. The SO of Knowledge Park said that through the control room, it was reported that there was a fire in the transformer kept in the power house of NPCL near Sector-148. On this information, the police team reached the spot and the fire service was informed.

Earlier on August 17, there was a fire in the Annexe Building of Parliament House in New Delhi. According to the fire department, a fire broke out on the sixth floor of the Annexe building due to a short circuit. Four fire engines controlled the fire. It was a matter of honor that there was no loss of life or property during this period.

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