Mann Ki Baat: Those raising eyes on the Land of India in Ladakh have got a Befitting reply – Modi

• 27 minutes ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said about the Indo-China tension in the heart of the mind that a befitting reply has been given to those lifting eyes on the land of India in Ladakh.

PM Modi said that the brave soldiers of India have shown that India will not allow its value to come on. The PM said, “Our soldiers have shown. The spirit of their families at the sacrifice of their brave sons is our strength.

If India knows how to maintain friendship, it also knows to look in the eyes and give appropriate answers. Our brave soldiers have shown that they will never let the glory of Mother Bharti come.


India will take a new flight

Modi said that amidst all kinds of crisis, the country is also dealing with what is happening from the neighboring countries. Modi said, “India will take a new flight.” I trust the people of this country. The way India has helped the world in difficult times, it has accepted India’s role.

Modi said, “The entire nation is paying tribute to the valor of our brave soldiers who have been martyred in Ladakh, paying tribute.” The whole country is grateful to him. He has a bow in front of him. Like the families of these companions, every Indian is feeling the pain of losing them.

The feeling of pride in their families on the sacrifice of their brave sons, the passion for the country – this is the strength of the country.

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PM Modi said about the 20 soldiers killed in violent clashes with the Chinese army on LAC, “The parents, whose sons have been martyred, send their other sons, also other children of the house, into the army.” are talking. Shaheed Kundan Kumar’s father’s words from Bihar are echoing in his ears.

They were saying that they will send their ships in the army to protect the country. This is the courage of every martyred family in the country. In fact, the sacrifice of these families is venerable. ”

PM Modi said, “Regardless of the crisis, the values ​​of India inspire the service with selfless spirit

The way India helped the world in difficult times today, it has strengthened India’s role in peace and development.

The world has also felt the spirit of world fraternity of India during this time and at the same time the world has also seen the strength and commitment of India to protect its sovereignty and borders.

However, PM Modi did not take the name of China in his entire address. In the past, the leaders of the opposition party have been asking questions to the Modi government that why the name of China is not being taken in the statement that the government is giving on the whole matter.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had tweeted before the commencement of Mann Ki Baat, “When will there be talk of national defense and security?”

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