Maharehmokaram Diwas – The Day When God Revealed the God.

“This is the Satnami power (Supreme being) that the world searched for” – Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj (28th February 1960)

28th February 1960 – The Golden day in the history of Dera Sacha Sauda when Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj revealed the ‘Satnam’ (Supreme Power) itself as the 2nd Spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda. The day when God revealed the God. Spirituality is the one, understanding which for a normal being is out of the text. Where there is only one language i.e., accept the master and accept all by the master. 

Maharehmokaram Diwas the day of supreme blessings on the mankind when Sardar Satnam Singh Ji transferred as Shah Satnam Singh Ji. Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj the ocean of kindness served from 1960 to 1990. Millions of people transformed their life from hell to heaven under the guidance of his holiness. Present master Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan celebrating this day as the Maharehmokaram Diwas as guidance of Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj is giving light to billions. 

After blessings the spiritual wealth Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj said,” This is the Satnami Power (Supreme Power) that the world searched for and died but didn’t get, that Satnam is in front of you. In this world, only very few are the people who believes in saints and their teaching and others? how they will get the salvation from this cycle of birth and death?” answering to this they further added, “one if just said the word ‘Satnam’ or just seen him will never ever going to hell.”

“There is nothing in this universe one can compare with, there are no words through one can thanks or feel the gratitude towards His Holiness. His guidance transformed the life of millions and it always will transform the life of billions. Telling thanx or feeling the gratitude is just as showing Lamp to the Sun.” – Revered Saint Dr MSG.

This is the one among those auspicious day when the devotees from everywhere in the world gathering to Dera Sacha Sauda for celebration. Those who are far away, unable to reach celebrating this day by doing 135 humanitarian welfare work, like blood donation, planting the trees, by serving the poor with food, with shelter, financial for the marriage of daughters etc. 

संत न होते जगत में तो जल मरता संसार |

If saints are not there in the world, the world would have finished. Saints are the real philanthropist, the real care taker of the world. Also, words said by the true saint reflects in reality, there is no way to change the words in the universe once they said, even if that requires the law of universe to change, so be it, but his words never fail. 

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