LPG rates hiked up on 1 Jan 2021, know the recent rate :LPG Price Hike Update

LPG Price Hike Update: The new year started with the inflation. Every month IOCL reviews and decides LPG gas cylinder new price. This time IOC has not changed the price of non-subsidised 14.2 KG gas cylinders, which are used domestically, but for 19 kg cylinders prices have been increased.  

14.2 kg cylinder price has not raised

Price for 14.2 KG non-subsidised LPG cylinder on IOC website in Delhi is ₹694 only. Whereas in Kolkata it is ₹720.50, in Mumbai ₹694 and in Chennai it is ₹710 only. Before this IOC had raised the price twice for LPG in December, due to which price got hiked for ₹100. On December 3rd there was hike of ₹50 and after this again on December 15th the same had been increased. In December, this increase has been made for non-subsidised 14.2 kg domestic and 19 kg commercial cylinders.

19 kg LPG cylinder is now expensive

Even though price for 14.2 KG cylinders has not been increased but, the price for 19 KG cylinders has been increased. As per IOC’s website, now in Delhi the new price for 19 KG LPG cylinders is ₹1349 which was ₹1332 earlier. Means one has to pay ₹17 extra for every purchase in Delhi. And if talking about other Metro cities, in Kolkata LPG price got increased by ₹22.50 from ₹1387.50 to ₹1410, In Mumbai price got increased by ₹17 from ₹1280.50 to ₹1297.50 and in Chennai it got increased by ₹16.50 from ₹1446.50 to ₹1463.50. 

Government gives subsidy on gas cylinders

Government gives subsidy for 12 LPG 14KG Gas Cylinders annually and if requires more one has to pay the market price for the additional. Oil companies fix the prices of gas cylinders every month. 

This is how to check the price for LPG Gas Cylinders

To check the domestic LPG Cylinder price, one has to visit the government oil companies website. Companies here issue new rates every month.

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