Kota:- Beautiful city with Rajput Kingdom

We live in the world of fame where everyone wants fame & Popularity. The beautiful attitude & royal style is famous of Rajputs in history and the city Kota is famous for this Rajput Kingdom. So let’s take move to Kota and know more facts about this beautiful city.

History Of Kota

Later, in the early 17th century, during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, the ruler of Bundi – Rao Ratan Singh, gave the smaller principality of Kota to his son, Madho Singh. Since then Kota became a hallmark of the Rajput gallantry and culture. From here Kota grown up more and famous for many things. Many monuments to see their & now Kota is become more famous for Education institution.

Kota famous For:-

Kota is famous for built thousands of engineers & doctors every year.
It is a hub of best coaching centers (Allen-enrolled in limca book ).Every year there are students from every state & small city of India.

Apart from Education Hub Kota is very famous for
• Regular Supply of Water & Electricity, 24×7 you’ll get the proper supply of Electricity which necessary for many purposes. This is main power stations of Kota

1)Kota Super Thermal Power Station
2)Rawatbhata Atomic Energy Nuclear Power Plant
3) NTPC Anta Gas Power Plant in Baran District
4) Jawahar Sagar Hydro Power Plant

These plants are counted for 8% power production of the total electricity of the nation.

• Kota also On 17th March, 2012, Dera Sacha Sauda, an organization famous for serving mankind, derived a cleanliness campaign in Kota which is the place of 2.74 million population. They organized a massive cleanliness drive and which was flagged off near Court premises by Baba Ram Rahim who is the Dera Chief.


His Excellency, Baba Ram Rahim released colorful balloons depicting the slogans, “clean the planet earth, remove the disease curse” in the air. He himself had picked up the broom to clean the area and motivated others to do the same. In afew hours, his volunteers cleaned every corner of Kota including streets, schools, public toilets and many other Public places. They got sign the pledge forms from the citizens of Kota who filled that form with the determination of keeping the eath clean and never make it dirty.


• After Cleanliness Campaign :-

After this cleanliness campaign a drastic change was observed, the number of patients of specific diseases was decreased and people also pledged to gove attention towards cleaning.


Like Dera Sacha Sauda, we should also have the strong determination that we will make the Earth Clean & Greens and make it free from all kinds of diseases.
By – Ankush Malik


  • Wooww great socail reformer baba ram rahim

  • Dhan Dhan satguru Tera hi aasra Papa ji……
    Pita ji हम aapke bare mai kya likhe na to esi koi Kalam hai na hi Hmare pas shabad hai data जी… Basharo ko aapne shara diya, girto ko aapne Utha kr firse chlana sikhaya… Kbhi karaz chuka hum skte nhi सतगुरु se jo Itna pyar mila rehmat se navaza murshid ne hme khusiyo ka bhandar मिला ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???

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