Kerala: Pilots trying to save the aircraft till the end, lost their lives

Akhilesh and Deepak Sathe were counted among the finest pilots in the country, who lost their lives in this accident.
Kozhikode accident killed two brave pilots of the country.

  • Captain Akhilesh and Deepak Sathe were the best pilots in the country
  • Despite all the efforts, the plane succumbed to the accident

18 people including pilots and co-pilots died

An Air India Express flight coming from Dubai crashed into two parts after landing at Kozhikode Airport in Kerala on Friday evening. In this, 18 people including pilots and co-pilots died.

Both pilots tried hard to avoid the Kozhikode accident. It is being says pilots postponed the landing twice, try the third time but could not save the plane from being hit.

The accident in Kozhikode killed two brave pilots of the country

Pilot-in-command Captain Deepak Sathe and his co-pilot Captain Akhilesh Kumar are also among those who died in the accident. Deepak Sathe was a former wing commander of the Indian Air Force (IAF) and served in the Air Force Flight Test Establishment.

59-year-old commander Deepak Vasant Sathe and 33-year-old Captain Akhilesh Kumar died in the accident. Deepak Sathe had counted among the best pilots in the country.

Deepak, who worked for Air India, was once known as a promising cadet of the Air Force Academy

It is being says Deepak made a lot of efforts to save the aircraft in Kozhikode on the strength of the Air Force background and his efficient aviation experience. But despite all these efforts, the plane fell victim to an accident.

Deepak Sathe had also received the prestigious ‘Sword of Honor’ award from the Air Force Academy on the strength of his ability. After the Air Force job, Deepak joined the commercial services of Air India. Pilot Deepak Sathe’s father was a brigadier in the army. At the same time, one of his brothers Kargil were martyred in the war.

Deepak was one of the few pilots in the country who flew Air India’s Airbus 310 aircraft and Boeing 737. The Kozhikode accident took away two of the country’s best pilots.

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