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Iran drops India from Chabahar rail project, a speculation

According to Iran’s official news agency Irna, Farhad Muntasir said, “There many Indian investments for Chabahar, one of them was also about the Chabahar railway, but it was not part of the agreement”.

According to the official, the agreement was on only two things – “the development of the port and India’s investment of $ 150 million”.

What does India (India Iran relations) say?

Speculation news about Chabahar rail project the Indian government to media . The Indian government said that Iran waitS for an official appointment to finalize some technical and financial issues, and it is still awaited.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said on Thursday that despite the difficulties since 2016, much progress has been made in the Chabahar Port project.

The spokesman said that “an Indian company has been operating this port since 2018 and traffic has increased considerably from there”.
Anurag Srivastava said about the Chabahar rail project, “The Iranian side had to nominate an official side that would finalize the remaining technical and financial issues. still awaited”.

India Iran relations
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The spokesman also gave clarification on the news Iran separated India (India Iran relations) from the gas field project too. Farzad-B gas field commenting on the news of the separation of Indian company ONGC. Anurag Srivastava said, “In January this year, we informed that Iran will develop the gas field further and further involve India. Will. It is under discussion “.

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The media reports about the Chabahar railway project were also reject by the Government of Iran and the Government of India.

Both sides are not saying anything concrete about the Chabahar rail project. Regarding the future of Indo-Iran relations, he says, “Small tremors only lead to big tremors. All these shocks are happening – rail projects, gas field projects, and not many projects. It is possible that trade has also reduced, so you understand why Iran will not be angry. “

In the words of Professor Pasha, “The rulers of Iran are now deciding that the friendship they had towards India is getting colder.”

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