Unveiling Instagram’s New Notes Feature: How you can use it?

Instagram has recently come up with a new notes feature that allows users to share 60-character notes with their followers and share lists. The short note will last for 24 hours just like stories on Instagram. Instagram’s New Notes Feature can be used to share thoughts, make announcements or just to spread the word to your audience.

Have you tried using Instagram’s New Notes Feature?

If you have been thinking to use this new notes feature, here’s a simple guide for you.

Step 1

Go to the play store and update your Instagram with the recent version.

Step 2

Navigate to the DM section in the top right corner of your Instagram. If your followers have shared a note it will appear as :


Step 3

To share a note with your followers, click on the option of your note. It will appear like this:


Step 4

Write your thoughts and choose to whom you want to share those thoughts and click on share to publish.


Your note will appear in the DM section of those people.

Music and Notes

You can also share a song as a note or along with those written words. The replies to your notes will appear in your DM section and it will convert into a private conversation between the responder and the sender.

Leaving a new note

If you share a note your previous note will disappear and the new note will appear for the next 24 hours.

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Deleting a note

If you want to delete a note you shared previously simply click on the note and then choose the option of delete note. Unlike stories, notes cannot be saved as drafts so once a note gets deleted then it disappears permanently forever.

Conclusion for Instagram’s New Notes Feature

Instagram launches new features to improve the user experience so try using the notes feature and share those poems and thoughts with your loved ones.

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