Inhuman Treatment of Prostitutes

The National Human Rights Commission of the country has issued an advisory to state governments to provide government facilities to prostitutes like other citizens. Everyone should get equal facilities including a ration card, Aadhaar Card. This is their human and legal right, but the manner in which the Human Rights Commission has raised the demand for ‘unorganized laborers’ status for prostitutes is not fair. Indian contemplation refers to words like the black world, hell for prostitution, no woman wants to become a prostitute since childhood nor is it any employment.

Millions of women living in this black world are trapped under coercion or some conspiracy, but the cruelty of the system has stripped them of their right to be human. These women yearn to live a respectable family life throughout their ages.

Many times in the country, prostitutes were sent back home to bring them into the mainstream of society, but the conspirators are not letting them get rid of this business. The suggestion of giving the status of unorganized laborers to prostitutes can be fatal, as well as the hopes of getting rid of prostitutes from this business. The most important thing is that women trapped in the mire of this business should be brought into the mainstream of society. Freedom from prostitution should be our resolve and purpose. 80 crore population of the country is getting pension facilities including cheap food grains.

The country’s economy has become the leading economy in the world. The Maharashtra government had decided to provide ration to prostitutes during the Corona era, such efforts solve the problem.

If the governments provide food and other facilities to these women even after the Corona period, then these women can get freedom from this quagmire. Giving food grains and other facilities to bring women into the mainstream of society is not a big deal for the government and society.

Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the Revered Guru Saint of Dera Sacha Sauda, ​​has campaigned against prostitution to get about two dozen girls liberated from prostitution and get them married with eligible boys. If the intentions of the governments are correct then other reformative and effective steps can be taken in this area. Prostitution is a stigma on society, which is to call labor the realization of evil.

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