India’s ever-growing population raises many questions, can ‘BIRTH’ initiative be the answer to these

India’s ever-growing Population raises many questions, ‘BIRTH’ initiative can be the answer to these

India’s population is on the rise, and is expected to surpass that of China this year, making it the most populous country in the world with over 1.4 billion people. India’s population is really larger than the combined populations of the Americas (1.04 billion) and Europe (744 million).More than 40% of India’s population is under the age of 25, and adults aged 65 and older constitute 7% of the population. This means that as the young people who enter the child-bearing age grow their own families, India’s population will continue to grow in the coming decades.

Uttar Pradesh – India’s most populous state

Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra are two of the most populous states in India, with Uttar Pradesh being the most populated state. According to the 2011 census, the total population of Uttar Pradesh was 19 crore 98 lakh 12 thousand 341, which accounted for 16.5% of India’s total population. Prayagraj of Uttar Pradesh was the most populous district of the state with a population of 59 lakh 54 thousand 391, while Mahoba was the least populous district with an estimated 8 lakh 75 thousand 958 people.

Uttar Pradesh Population Control Bill

To address the issue of population growth, Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, unveiled a draft population control bill on World Population Day, July 11, 2021, which promotes a two-child policy. Under this policy, citizens who have two or fewer children will receive benefits, while those with more than two children will be barred from these benefits.

The bill specifies the below points:

  • The two child policy will only be applied to married couples.
  • Citizens who violate the two-child policy will be denied government jobs and subsidies, and their ration services may also be suspended.
  • Incentives will be offered to couples with one or two children, and couples giving birth to a second child between January 1, 2021, and January 1, 2023, will not be considered to be violating the law. However, adoption of an additional child is allowed.
  • Basic job promotions and benefits of various schemes will be provided only to couples with two children.
  • Parents with more than two children will lose their election rights or the right to get elected under the Local Body Elections.
  • Some Special increments would be given to all such parents who follow the population norms.

People do have mixed opinions on this bill, however the fact remains that strict measures need to be taken by the masses to ensure that the population explosion can be controlled and India can have sustainable growth.

BIRTH – Take responsibility for reducing the high population rate with pride.

Considering all the above pressing issues that a common man will have to face with growing population, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has launched a new initiative BIRTH.

B-Be proud

I-In taking the


T-To control

H-High population rates

Through this initiative, revered Saint Dr. MSG has urged the young couples to take a written pledge at the time of marriage to have 1 offspring, or a maximum of 2 children. Guruji gave the slogan ‘Ek hi Sahi, Do Ke Baad Nahi’, which has been whole heartedly welcomed by 65 million devotees across the world.

Guruji highlighted the importance of population control, elucidating how it is negatively impacting the nation and its citizens in various aspects

1. The burgeoning populace of India is exerting an immense burden on the country’s natural resources such as land, water, and forests. The resultant land degradation, deforestation, and water resource depletion have disrupted the ecosystem’s balance, thereby exacerbating the problem.

2. The increasing population is also leading to a shortage of jobs and a rise in unemployment, causing a strain on the economy and is leading to poverty, inequality, and social unrest.

3. High birth rates and large families create difficulties for parents in providing adequate attention and care to their children, leading to poor education and healthcare. This perpetuates the poverty cycle and impedes the nation’s progress.

4. Overpopulation is putting a significant strain on the country’s infrastructure, including transportation, housing, and public services.

5. Rising population increases demand for resources like energy, food, and fuel, but the supply is limited, which creates scarcity, increases prices and reduces quality, thus adversely impacting the standard of living in India.

Considering all the above reasons, Saint Dr. MSG has started the BIRTH initiative, which is a great start and will lead to visible results in the years to come. The onus to save our society, nation and planet lies with each one of us, and therefore, it is time to take responsibility and corrective actions to create a better future. Let us all pledge to be a part of the BIRTH initiative and lead our nation towards a happy and healthy tomorrow.

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