Indian Wicketkeeper Disclosed, Difference between the captaincy of Virat, Dhoni, and Rohit

Suresh Raina told that Rahul Dravid told me that you should be ready to catch a catch on the next ball. Rahul Dravid had laid the perfect Trap to Dismiss Kamran Akmal

Suresh Raina did his best for Team India under the captaincy of MS Dhoni.

However, many people hardly know that he made his debut for Team India under the captaincy of Rahul Dravid. He got his first chance to showcase his talent under the captaincy of Rahul Dravid. At the same time, in the early days of Raina, Dravid supported him a lot.

During a recent chat, Suresh Raina talked about Rahul Dravid and told how genius captain he was. Raina referred to an incident that took place during the 2006 match between India and Pakistan. Explaining this, Raina said that during that match, Dravid had made a great plan to dismiss Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman Kamran Akmal. Raina told how Rahul Dravid set a strange-looking fielding to take Akmal’s wicket.

Indian Wicketkeeper Disclosed, Told- this is the Difference between the captaincy of Virat, Dhoni, and Rohit

Raina told that I took that catch against Pakistan at the point. Dravid was our captain and Irfan Pathan was bowling and he was facing Kamran Akmal. At that time the rule was that the catching fielder could be kept within 15 yards. Because of this Rahul Bhai told me that you will stand on the point. I told him that yes, please tell me where to stand. Then he said that lean forward and get ready to take a catch.

You will be stunned by Dhoni’s new look, you will not even be able to recognize whether she is Mahi or someone else.

After this, Irfan Pathan bowled the next ball which Akmal hit very fast, I saw the ball and it came straight into my hands. His statement impressed me that Rahul Bhai knew that the catch could come here and it happened on the very next ball. I remember these catches because the captain, bowler, the fielder was all involved in this scheme and it is the job of the fielder to always be ready to catch a catch. Raina told these things to Kapil Dev during a TV program.

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