Indian Railways Created History, 100 percent Train on Time for The First Time in 167 Years

The Indian Railways issued a statement saying that this is the first time in history that all 100% trains have been able to reach the destination station with their scheduled time running.

• Indian Railways achieved major achievement

• For the first time 100 percent trains were run on time

Complaints of train delay are often heard in India. However, now after the lockdown, Indian Railways has created history by presenting its new image. 201 trains, which departed on 1 July, reached the designated station on their own schedule without delay. The statement has come from the railway that for the first time in the history of Indian Railways, this happened when all 100 percent trains have been able to run on their scheduled time and reach the destination station.

None of the 201 trains that ran on 01 July were late. According to the statement issued by the railway, on June 23, 99.54 per cent of the trains had run on their punctuality, only one train was late.

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