Indian Army practice

Indian Army practice in the Indian Ocean: China dispute

Indian Army maneuvers in the Indian Ocean, preparing to respond to China
The Indian Army practice to respond to China in the Indian Ocean.

Indian Army maneuvers

The Indian Army practice to respond to China in the Indian Ocean. Today, the Indian Navy conducted maneuvers in the Indian Ocean. Fighter aircraft and warships involve in maneuvers of the Indian Army at Andaman and Nicobar. Yesterday in Ladakh, the Army and Air Force showed their might.

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The Indian Navy has given a big message by conducting maneuvers in Andaman. Explain that China’s interference in the Indian Ocean is increasing continuously. At the same time, another big thing is that the sea routes of China are connected from where this exercise was done.

America showed strength in South China

America also stands with India. The US has said that it will respond to China from the ocean to the Himalayas. America again showed strength in the South China Sea. Two American warships practiced here. America has taken this step despite opposition from China. China is trying to occupy several islands in the South China Sea. And that’s why America wants to stop China.

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