India Warns China on Border Situation

If China tries to increase troops on the border, relations may deteriorate, the Chinese army stop activities in Ladakh, Ambassador of India said.

It can be clearly seen from the photos taken from the satellite that in May the Chinese Army had installed their basecamps near Galvan Valley. On June 15, 20

Jun 27, 2020

Indian Soldiers were killed in Violent Clashes

  • India’s Ambassador to China Vikram Misri rejected China’s claim on Galvan Valley
  • Said- China will not benefit from false things, it is their responsibility to reduce tension.

India has warned China that if we try to increase the army on the border, not only will the peace process be affected, but also bilateral relations can be damaged. China has been asked to stop its activities in eastern Ladakh. India’s Ambassador to China, Vikram Misery, said this in a conversation with news agency PTI on Friday.

China should decide how to keep relations

Misery said that the antics of the two countries have diminished with the antics of Chinese troops on the border. It is entirely China’s responsibility to be careful about the relationship and decide what to do next. China should not restrain the normal patrolling of Indian soldiers.

China also active in the sector where there was never any dispute

The Egyptians also rejected China’s claim over the Galvan Valley in Ladakh. He said that China would not benefit from such lies. All the activities on our side on the border are on our Line of Actual Control (LAC) in our area. China needs to stop non-essential activities. It is shocking that he also did activities in the sector which was never in dispute.

China responsible for tension on border

The Indian Ambassador has given this reaction in response to China’s claim on Galvan Valley. Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weedong said on Thursday that it is India’s responsibility to reduce the tension on the border. To this, Misri said, “It is clear from our side that China is responsible for the situation that has been created.” China’s activities on LAC in Ladakh had increased in April and May, due to which our soldiers also had problems in normal patrolling and created a situation of tension.

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