India Preparations have Started to Defeat Coronavirus

In India, preparations have been started to defeat the coronavirus by mixing two drugs. Scientists believe that as of now, trials are going on around the world on drugs, but India is testing on such drugs, which will not only eliminate the virus but will also increase the immunity of the patient. According to the information, such a test has not started in other countries regarding the coronavirus.

The Center of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is working towards this dual effect. The test will run on corona patients at Medanta Hospital in collaboration with a Hyderabad-based pharma company. Currently, CSIR has also sent an application to the Drug Controller of India (DCGI) for its permission. According to the information, this test will start as soon as permission is granted, which can last up to two months. The results of this test and their review can be submitted to DCGI.

Work on three groups

so far been focused on increasing immunity to defeat corona in the country, but now work has begun on two-drug combinations. According to CSIR scientists, trials are underway in three different groups of six drugs. There are two drugs in each group, one of which is to increase immunity and the other is to eliminate the coronavirus.

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